lightning payments

Blockchain company Blockstream announced the expansion of the bitcoin network data transfer service between space satellites to the Asia-Pacific region, as well as the addition of support for the Lightning Network.

The Blockstream Satellite service was launched in beta mode in August 2017. The project is an attempt to use rented space satellites to transfer data on the bitcoin network to almost anywhere in the world. According to Blockstream CEO Adam Beck, this approach is intended to make Bitcoin more accessible to residents of regions with limited Internet access.

With regard to the Lightning Network (LN) integration, Back stated the following:

“Lightning enhances privacy by leveraging onion routing and off-chain offsetting. LN supports fast and scalable micropayments with low transaction costs. This brings benefits for both retail and most other use cases. This technology also makes the interaction of the satellite services API with the rest of the bitcoin infrastructure more efficient. “

To use the Blockstream Satellite service, the user needs a small satellite dish, a receiver and a computer (even a Raspberry Pi is enough). The open source GNU Radio software toolkit can be used to manage the connection.

“Recipients can accept bitcoin data. At the same time, the ISP will not be able to see your transactions, ”Beck emphasized.

As a reminder, Blockstream launched the block explorer for the Bitcoin network and Liquid sidechain.

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