Crypto Space Initiative

The vision

Our goal is to create the first constellation of satellites running a grid network that would orbit the Earth and Help ISS- International Space Station to process huge amount of data much faster.

Usually, ISS gathers all the data using a large number of sensors and then wait the best time to send the data on Earth for processing. And I am talking about computer farms with Petaflops of CPU power available.

But, what if we launch a constellation of satellites that are in permanent sync with the ISS, then, the ISS can process data much faster, weeks instead of months.

The implementation

Many of the great services that exist today (Google, Amazon, Seti’s Boin program, etc) depend on sophisticated artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning or pattern recognition.

If one takes a closer look at such capabilities one realizes that they often require the solution of what mathematicians call hard combinatorial optimization problems.

So we have pushed our imagination to the limit and came up with this new cryptocoin called shuttlecoin that uses both the blockchain technology inherited from bitcoin and the beauty and power of Grid Computing.

It turns out that solving the hardest of such problems requires server farms so large that they can never be built. But using the bitcoin model, you can develop a decentralized network that can do the work much easier than a server farm and still be using the advantage of Grid Computing.

Also, if we gather all the power and converge it to multiple mining pools, this power could be managed much much easier than a server farm, rewarding all the miners with the coin itself.

Unlike the many altcoins, shuttlecoin already has the market to show up. The need for computational power is increasing exponential and the hardware capable to face such amount of data processing doesn’t come cheap.

In the end we will have an ecosystem that embeds both the blockchain technology inherited from bitcoin and the beauty and power of grid computing, a huge amount of CPU power ready for ISS to utilize.


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We believe that our growing community will help to shape progress in the space exploration. Come network with entrepreneurs, and innovators working in one of the most interesting technological initiative in recent time. We are currently forming a committee of high profile specialists from various industries such as Image acquisition, analysis,web dev, space, communication, avionics, technology, etc and provide an alternative when it comes to space exploration. The vision is to use the existent technologies and build a decentralized space program powered by the beauty of blockchain. If you are interested in investing/partnering/funding our initiative please do not hesitate to contact us.

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