Original title: 7 death fires at the Taoyuan

Original title: 7 death fires at the Taoyuan Plant in Taiwan were extinguished. The fire burned forty hours.

Relief site. Photo source: Taiwan’s “Central News Agency.”

Zhongxinxin.com April 30th According to Taiwan’s “Central News Agency” news, the Jingpeng Plant in Pingzhen District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan, fired at 9:30 pm on the evening of the 28th, and the fire was burnt for 40 hours, resulting in 7 deaths. 5 people are firefighters. After the firefighters fully rescued, the fire was extinguished at 2:08 pm today. The fire department of Taoyuan City stated that it is currently undergoing overhaul.

The fire continued to smolder as of noon today, and the police failed to fully rescue about 40.5 hours. The fire was finally extinguished at 2 pm.

Taoyuan City Fire Department personnel pointed out that in order to avoid the accidental damage caused by strong alkali and strong acid stored, the team members not only asked Jingpeng Company about the layout of the factory floors and the storage location of chemical flammable materials, but also added Five large-scale fire chemical vehicles were dispatched to join disaster relief efforts. The fire was extinguished earlier and overhauls are currently underway.

Mayor Zheng Wencan said today that the Environmental Protection Bureau of Taoyuan City has carried out follow-up environmental pollution monitoring work, which has caused air and water pollution and requested Jing Peng to order suspension of work and heavy penalties.

Zheng Wencan said that last year the Taoyuan City Labor Bureau conducted an inspection of Jingpeng Industry. In February of this year, the inspection was conducted. During the inspection process, defects were discovered and fines were imposed. Jingpeng Industry is a high-tech factory and has a lot of dangerous goods and toxic chemical substances. It is indeed a major challenge in firefighting work. Follow-up will take stock of relevant firefighting sites in the city.

Zheng Wencan pointed out that the air pollution caused by the Jingpeng industrial fire has caused the environmental protection agencies to carry out various tests since the incident took place. Today, the four schools and kindergartens in the vicinity have been suspended for preventive purposes. The monitoring of empty products will also require Shen Peng to suspend work and impose heavy penalties in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Zheng Wencan said that, in addition to expressing sympathy, he must express his apologies. He said that fire fighting is a heroic task to save people, but safety and fire protection are prerequisites. How to make fire-fighting colleagues more secure requires reforms in all aspects.

Zheng Wencan mentioned that in the past 3 years, a lot of equipment and vehicles have been added, and staff additions have also exceeded 30%, but they are in the fire.In the ever-changing field, what weaknesses, which are missing or wrong, will cooperate with the Taoyuan Prosecutor’s Office to “distribute in the sun” all disaster relief processes and causes of fire.

For Taoyuan City Fire Department Director Hu Yingda resigned this morning, Zheng Wencan said that based on his duty to the delinquent firefighters, Hu Yingda resigned after the incident and this morning the working conference again proposed that it would After the restoration work came to an end, the fire department was reorganized immediately.

The Taoyuan Municipal Government’s Director of Information, Yu Han, explained today that the Environmental Protection Agency’s follow-up environmental pollution monitoring work by Jingpeng Industry has caused significant air and water pollution in nearby areas, and it has determined that the circumstances are serious and it is a major task. An accident, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, the Jingpeng Industry Pingzheng Factory was ordered to suspend work and heavy penalties were imposed.