In everybody’s love, the predecessor is always a

In everybody’s love, the predecessor is always a topic that can’t go around, especially for public figures. Especially those lovers who are the most suitable in everyone’s hearts, they have presented the most beautiful love to many people. So even after these couples broke up, we always miss their feelings.

A “My Savage Grandmother” was popular in the year. Myolie and Huang Zongze, both of whom also developed the love of the end of the show into real life. With the increase in cooperation and the mutual progress of the two, their affair has become everyone’s hope for good. Even more, they will certainly come to the end.

However, they fell in love with each other for seven years. Expect to break up. After the news came out, whenever asked about the reason for the breakup, Hu Myron coughed several times. Huang Zongze said Hu Myoer is definitely a good girl and asked him if there was any problem. So that Myolie later invited Huang Zongze to attend his wedding. He also dressed up to attend and send a blessing.

Zhou Xun is a person who dares to love and hate in the entertainment industry. And the relationship between her and Pu Shu is also embarrassing. Zhou Xun and Pu Shu became familiar with the movie “At that time,” and had been reluctant to appear in front of the media. He was willing to accompany Zhou Xun on a red carpet and attend the event.

After all this romance was the same as Zhou Xun’s other romances. Make a real result. And Wu Xiaomin, the wife of Pu Shu, once disclosed that after the split between Pu Shu and Zhou Xun, the two still had good friends and could talk to each other and even go out to play alone. The relationship between the three people is so magnanimous, it is also a lament.

It is also unknown and sincere to the former, Xue Jia Ning is also considered to be one. It can be said that with the return of Hu Ge, Xue Jianing was also forced in these two years. The “fire” was a handful, and she was the most mentioned one among those who were expected to be compounded.

Xue Jia Ning and Hu Ge The most touching place in this relationship is the sincerity and warmth between them. When Hu Ge was hit by a major accident, she could immediately suspend her career. Caring for your lover wholeheartedly. And after the public exposure of love, she can also love to be magnanimous.

After the two broke up, Hu Song walked out of the shadow of a car accident and got better and better, even to the extent of the “national husband”, and Xue Jia Ning silently did it himself, not binding, not The hype is only a dull, sincere friend, and can keep watching.