People who reside in the Globe Inn in Longview

People who reside in the Globe Inn in Longview could soon be looking for a new place to live. The city wants to shut it down because they say it’s connected to crime. 

The city of Longview wants to shut down the hotel based on the Texas Nuisance Law. In this case, they say the hotel has allowed a number of crimes to happen on the property forcing officers to re-allocate more resources in that area. If the case is successful that means the owner and his residents will be forced to leave.

Even in broad daylight officers can be seen patrolling the property. According to Sergeant Shane McCarter the bulk of their calls, consistently come from this motel. He said “We wind up stopping traffic in the location, individuals who are loitering, but it also ranges into calls of service for criminal trespass for drug offenses, for robberies, for sexual assault, firearms issues. So that motel has really generated a large quantity of service calls for us.

In three years the police department has received more than 2,400 calls regarding incidents at the Globe Inn leading to 250 arrests Some might consider that dangerous because of its high crime traffic, but to residents that live here they consider it to be their home.

One of those people are Teresa Procella. She says the community isn’t the best area in town, but to many, it’s their only place to go. She said “The community is to do drugs.They survive. People try to survive, pay their rent, do their drugs. Ya know, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have heart. We all still have heart.”

Five years ago after she says her health begin to fail, she had no where to go. That is, until she says the motel took her in. Procella understands why the city wants to shut it down and expects she’ll eventually have to find a new home, but she says she’s thankful for her time she’s had there. She said “I work everyday when they want me to work and I appreciate them. He knows its gonna close and he knows we’re gonna have to go and most of us who have some kind of reality know its gonna close. Some of us are looking and some of us aren’t focused on that.” 

Officers say their main goal is to make longview a safer place starting with an area notorious for crime in their community. At this time the nuisance abatement case is still open.