Burgess Hill andDistrict Rotary have been serving

Burgess Hill and
District Rotary have been serving the community, both locally and
internationally, since 1948.

Many people have heard of Rotary but don’t really understand
who we are or what we do.Rotary is a service
organisation that brings together people who want to put something back into
their community and to improve the lives of others.

Rotary is a great place to network, make new friends and to
use your existing skills and gain new ones.With over 1.2 million members worldwide (50,000 in the UK and 182 in Mid
Sussex) and 35,000 clubs (1,800 in the UK and 6 in Mid Sussex), you are never
far from a fellow member.

Since rule changes in 1987, women have been an ever greater force in Rotary. Burgess Hill have several lady
members, many of whom have either served as or are serving as President.